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Windows Application Development


D2N Technologies now offers Windows mobile application development in Cochin,India. Windows mobile application development provides an exciting new opportunity for you and your customer to build applications that travel with users, are interactive and attractive, and are available whenever and wherever users want to work with them. By merging Windows Phone applications with on-premises services and applications you can generate highly scalable, consistent, and powerful applications that enlarge the functionality beyond the traditional desktop or laptop.

Windows Mobile development is done using the .NET framework. The .NET framework is a software framework by Microsoft for creating Windows applications. For Windows Phone mobile, there are two distinct development methods for creating your application. The first approach is to use Silverlight for Windows Phone. Silverlight was initially predicted as a way for developers to create rich internet applications. A Silverlight application combines declarative markup (called XAML) to make the user interface and code written in a .NET framework language to control an application's behavior.

The second approach is to use the XNA framework to develop your Windows Phone app. XNA is Microsoft's game development framework. It is mostly used to create both Windows and Xbox 360 applications. If you're generating a game for Windows Phone , you'll likely use the XNA framework. The XNA framework is quite powerful, but that power comes with a significant learning curve and longer development cycles.